Ho Chi Minh City's climate is  tropical wet and dry, meaning that it is warm all year round and divided into two distinct seasons, the wet season and the dry season, rather than spring, summer, fall and winter.

The rainy season lasts from May through October, and the dry season runs from December to April. This affects everything from crops, the best way to travel the city, to the type of clothing you pack. 

Not all cinnamon is created equal, although they do all come from cinnamomum genus.  The Saigon Cinnamon we use on our popcorn sets itself apart from other cinnamons with its superior flavor, sweet taste and aroma.  It also contains up to 6% essential oil, compared with .5-2.5% in other varieties and is an extremely potent antioxidant.

February 26, 2018 — WBO Solutions

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