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Raising Popsalot from a few ideas on paper to fresh popcorn on pallets took a lot more than our own labors of love (and lack of sleep) – it took a village.

Without the daily support, advice and encouragement of our friends, families, fans and colleagues, Popsalot California Popcorn could not have become the company we are blessed to lead today. And though we're far from resting just yet, we strive to use our milestones of success as a platform to help lift those around us.

Popsalot is proud to support local individuals, organizations and events that embrace the challenge to make every day extraordinary. If you are seeking in-kind support for an upcoming event, please take a moment to email us. 

Popsalot enjoys supporting our local communities, our youth and organizations. We’ve put together a fundraising program targeted to help; schools, club teams, churches or any organization looking to raise money for; uniforms, travel, books, a party or any cause you deem worthy. We offer seven delicious, 100% all natural, non-GMO, gluten free and Kosher certified flavors which allows your organization to double your money.

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