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One January I received an email from a friend and it said he was heading to London for work/study.  He suggested that I come to visit once he was set up and situated. So one early spring I boarded a Virgin Atlantic flight and made the long trip across the pond.  Landing in London we hit the ground running.

We hit all the touristy sights, ate the ubiquitous fish and chips and battled the rain.

One afternoon we made arrangements to travel to Watford, England.  We had a buddy that was playing for the Watford F.C. and we wanted to watch a game.  It was here at the stadium that I went to purchase some snacks.

I picked up my popcorn, water and returned to my seat.  Popping some popcorn in my mouth I noticed it didn’t taste like any popcorn I had tasted before. London Kettle Corn's sweet and salty flavor profile and was much more addictive than the buttery, salty popcorn I knew.  


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Man Smiling 

April 23, 2018 — WBO Solutions

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