POPSALOT featured in Candy & Snack Today ~ May / June 2018

Excerpts from the May / June 2018 Issue of Candy & Snack Today published by The National Confectioners Association


...The world at-large serves as inspiration for flavors of Popsalot LLC's products, according to Founder and President Noah Sheray, an avid traveler.  "We like to provide customers with different cultural flavors they may not otherwise get to experience," he says.

For example, Saigon Cinnamon Kettle Corn is flavored with Vietnamese cinnamon and Brazilian Cashew features air-popped caramel corn with whole cashews.  The lineup also includes Southern Pecan, Hawaiian Macadamia, Moroccan Harissa, Costa Rican Cocoa, London Kettle Corn, and classic Clandestine Caramel.

 ..."Retailers are always asking for new and different flavors," confirms Sheray.  "They have to be willing to keep introducing new brands and new flavors for the segment to keep evolving."  C&ST

June 19, 2018 by The Popsalot Team