Popsalot California Popcorn – California Almond, Brazilian Cashew, Southern Pecan, Hawaiian Macadamia, Saigon Cinnamon, Clandestine Caramel, London Kettle, Costa Rican Cocoa, and Moroccan Harissa






I tend to gravitate towards popcorn before chips or cheese puffs, so I was happy to find a company at the Fancy Food Show that had an extensive and thoughtful variety of caramel and kettle corns. They were all delicious and exactly as described, but two flavors stood out as particularly unique. The Costa Rican Cocoa was a dark, earthy chocolate – only a little sweet. The Moroccan Harissa was a unique flavor for a mass-market popcorn – spicy and savory, but not cheesy.

Available now in select grocery stores, department stores and Amazon.

The Impulsive Buy

July 17, 2018 — The Popsalot Team